Вибух у Єревані: на ранок відомо про шістьох загиблих

Ще 16 людей вважаються зниклими безвісти

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Zimbabwe Blames Measles Surge on Sect Gatherings After 80 Children Die

A measles outbreak has killed 80 children in Zimbabwe since April, the ministry of health said, blaming church sect gatherings for the surge.

In a statement seen by Reuters Sunday, the ministry said the outbreak had now spread nationwide, with a case fatality rate of 6.9%.

Health Secretary Jasper Chimedza said that as of Thursday, 1,036 suspected cases and 125 confirmed cases had been reported since the outbreak, with Manicaland in eastern Zimbabwe accounting for most of the infections.

“The ministry of health and childcare wishes to inform the public that the ongoing outbreak of measles which was first reported on 10th of April has since spread nationwide following church gatherings,” Chimedza said in a statement.

“These gathering which were attended by people from different provinces of the country with unknown vaccination status led to the spread of measles to previously unaffected areas.”

Manicaland, the second-most populous province, had 356 cases and 45 deaths, Chimedza said.

Most reported cases are among children aged between six months and 15 from religious sects who are not vaccinated against measles due to religious beliefs, he added.

Bishop Andby Makuru, leader of Johane Masowe apostolic sect, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In Zimbabwe, some apostolic church sects forbid their followers from taking vaccinations or any medical treatment. The churches attract millions of followers with their promises to heal illnesses and deliver people from poverty.

With a low vaccination rate and in some cases, no record keeping, the government has resolved to start a mass vaccination campaign in areas where the outbreak was recorded.

The measles outbreak is expected to strain an ailing health sector already blighted by lack of medication and intermittent strikes by health workers. 

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З України вирушило перше судно з зерном, зафрахтоване Всесвітньою продовольчою програмою ООН

Зерно призначене для Ефіопії, що є однією з п’яти країн, яким, за оцінками ООН, загрожує голод

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Вибух і пожежа в торговому центрі в Єревані: число загиблих і постраждалих зросло

Троє людей загинули, 61 – постраждали

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Президент Латвії пропонує анулювати посвідки на проживання і візи тим, хто підтримує вторгнення Росії в Україну

У майбутньому посвідки на проживання не слід видавати резидентам країни, які мають намір прийняти російське громадянство, вважає Левітс

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Озброєний чоловік протаранив огорожу біля будівлі Капітолію – поліція США

У повідомленні поліції сказано, що підозрюваний, ймовірно, не ставив за мету напасти на когось із конгресменів і, ймовірно, не цілився ні в кого з поліцейських

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Shanghai to Reopen All Schools Sept. 1 as Lockdown Fears Persist

China’s financial hub Shanghai said on Sunday it would reopen all schools including kindergartens, primary and middle schools on Sept. 1 after months of COVID-19 closures.

The city will require all teachers and students to take nucleic acid tests for the coronavirus every day before leaving campus, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission said.

It also called for teachers and students to carry out a 14-day “self health management” within the city ahead of the school reopening, the commission said in a statement.

Shanghai shut all schools in mid-March before the city’s two-month lockdown to combat its worst COVID outbreak in April and May.

It allowed some students at high schools and middle schools to return to classrooms in June while most of the rest continued home study for the remainder of the semester.

The announcement on schools reopening brings great relief to many residents but fears about COVID lockdowns continue to persist, as China vows to stick to its dynamic zero policy which requires all positive cases and their close contacts to undergo quarantine.

On Saturday, videos circulating on Chinese social media showed customers pushing past security guards and running out of an IKEA mall in central Shanghai in panic as an announcement blared over its sound system saying the mall was being locked down due to COVID contact tracing.

Reuters was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the videos, but IKEA customer service said on Sunday the mall was shut due to COVID curbs. IKEA did not immediately respond to a request for further comment.

Shanghai, the most populous in China, reported five new local infections of COVID, all asymptomatic, for Saturday, while 2,467 domestically transmitted cases were reported nationwide.

It has extended its weekly COVID-19 test requirement and extended free testing until the end of September in a bid to keep the virus in check, authorities announced on Saturday.

The southern province of Hainan is now China’s worst hit region, with 494 symptomatic cases and 846 asymptomatic cases reported for Saturday.

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan urged Hainan to achieve zero cases at the community level as soon as possible when she inspected several places on the island, including the Sanya Phoenix International Airport on Saturday, state media reported. 

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У Польщі працюють над рішенням, яке дозволить заборонити видачу шенгенських віз громадянам Росії

Польща виступає за подальше застосування ЄС санкцій проти Росії, зокрема призупинення візового режиму для громадян Росії.

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Вибух в Єревані: рятувальники повідомили про одну загиблу людину і 20 поранених

Про причини вибуху наразі не повідомляється.

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What Killed Tons of Fish in a European River? No Answer Yet

Poland’s environment minister says laboratory tests following a mass fish die-off have detected high salinity levels but no mercury in the Oder River. That means the mystery is continuing as to what killed tons of fish in Central Europe.

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